Our mediation services provide a wide array of options to meet the needs of every family. These services may be engaged at any point of conflict for a family by the parents themselves or through counsel. Designed to provide families with the attention, skills and knowledge of professionals in an environment more conducive to resolution than the courtroom, services include Divorce Mediation, Parenting Access Mediation and Interdisciplinary Solution Focused Evaluative Mediation.


Divorce Mediation: A facilitative mediation approach is taken by Attorney Brown as he works with parents through a series of meetings designed to address all aspects of the dissolution of the marriage. Through the use of fact gathering and disclosure, the parties work together in a mediation setting to identify areas of discord and brainstorm potential solutions to resolution of the issues. Attorney Brown will assist and facilitate those discussions, resulting in a comprehensive summary and separation agreement for the parties to file with the court.


Parenting Access Mediation: Using elements of facilitative and evaluative mediation, Parenting Access Mediation focuses on the best interests of the child(ren) while working to maintain a healthy relationship for all involved. Attorney Brown works directly with parents to assist in identifying the needs and concerns of each parent and their child(ren) as they move forward in separating and creating two homes, navigating through one parent’s relocation and/or renovating a parenting plan that has grown outdated and unworkable for the child(ren). The parents and Attorney Brown work closely together to resolve the identified issues; concluding with a comprehensive written agreement and parenting access plan detailing the terms and conditions unique to the family.


Interdisciplinary Solution Focused Evaluative Mediation: This mediation process is designed for parents in litigation who prefer a private solution for their parenting needs and concerns that is inclusive of their legal counsel, if secured. Attorney Brown works closely with one of the identified professional mental health affiliates as a Team to gain information and facts from each of the parents and the children, as appropriate. When needed, the Team will reach out to collateral sources such as school personnel, pediatricians, therapists and the like for additional information. The Team will then work through the issues together or separately with the parents and/or their counsel using what they have learned in their fact gathering combined with their knowledge as child focused legal and mental health professionals.


The process culminates in a settlement conference with all involved to finalize resolution and design the parameters of the parenting access agreement. This streamlined approach provides the family with the benefits gained from the interdisciplinary approach while being cost effective; eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming evaluations and the possible involvement of a guardian ad litem. This is a safe and confidential process for the parents as the Team’s work is not admissible in court if resolution is not reached.


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